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Smart OS

SmartOS is a specialized Type 1 Hypervisor platform based on Illumos. It supports two types of virtualization: SmartOS is a "live OS", it is always booted via PXE, ISO, or USB Key and runs entirely from memory, allowing the local disks to be used entirely for hosting virtual machines without wasting disks for the root OS. This architecture has a variety of advantages including increased security, no need for patching, fast upgrades and recovery. SmartOS is typically "installed" by downloading and copying the OS image onto a USB key and then booting that key. On the first boot a configuration utility will configure your base networking, allow you to set the root password, and allow you to select which disks to use to create the ZFS Zpool that will provide persistent storage.


Triton transforms an entire data center into an easy to manage, elastic Docker host, while delivering enterprise grade networking and security to each Docker container. Triton eliminates the need for virtual machine hosts and delivers bare-metal performance to containers.

Simplified Host Management:
Triton transforms an entire data center into a single, elastic Docker host, making it easy for developers and operators to deploy and scale containerized applications.
Production-Grade Security:
Triton delivers battle-tested security to containers, enabling worry-free, multi-tenant deployments and cloud-scale economics.
Software Defined Networking:
Treating containers as a first class citizen on the network, Triton delivers high performance, software-defined networking that is easy to manage. Each container has its own unique IP address.
Full Stack Introspection:
Triton provides an exclusive suite of real-time introspection and post-mortem debugging tools that provide visibility into each container.
Dynamic Utilization:
No more over-provisioning VM hosts. Triton enables resource management at the container level, including the ability to resize containers with no down-time.



CloudShell is a cloud automation platform for heterogeneous, multi-generational IT infrastructure and networks. CloudShell helps infrastructure and networking teams to deliver environments of infrastructure and other IT resources as a service to development, test, compliance, security, support, training, QA, and sales organizations.

CloudShell’s environment as a service orchestration of IT data center, network, cloud and converged infrastructure enables powerful outcomes including:

  • Dramatically increasing the efficiency and ROI of infrastructure through improved resource sharing
  • Enabling DevOps, agile and continuous development processes, leading to faster time to market
  • Empowering IT and network teams primarily composed of non-programmers to establish sustainable automation practices, maximizing and evolving costly human resources
  • Cloudifying and automating operational processes including application development, QA and testing, training, technology demonstration, integration and proof of concept and complex infrastructure deployment.


TestShell is an object-based infrastructure and network test automation framework. TestShell is deployed by leading service providers, technology manufacturers, enterprise and government IT departments worldwide.

TestShell’s object-based architecture revolutionizes network, data center and cloud infrastructure testing by:

  • Dramatically increasing the efficiency and ROI of test infrastructure through improved resource sharing
  • Simplifying the creation, maintenance and re-use of automated device control interfaces, provisioning actions and testing tasks through a shared object library
  • Empowering non-programmers to create, save, share, integrate and reuse complex test topologies and automation workflows
  • Tightly integrating test automation workflow design and scheduling/queuing with CloudShell infrastructure environments, maximizing test throughput, increasing test coverage, and reducing test cycles

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