Docker Integration

Container Integration

Our goal is to support your transformation of your operations with container solutions. Our leading experts in container technology, we can provide a proven method of define the problem, building a solution, providing profession implementation, provide oversight of the project, and be there as a support element as needed.


New technologies such as Docker containers can allow organizations to develop applications faster, with greater feature velocity delivery than ever before. Developers have more capability at their hands with freedom to create applications using available tools they choose to accomplish their goals. This is fantastic for developers, but old infrastructure technology and operations teams are struggling with running these new tools in production.

InfoSiftr’s solution provides businesses a different approach to these challenges. You provide the code, and we'll determine the best delivery methods, depending on your business requirements. We can recommend the appropriate infrastructure, runtime environments, or platforms to execute your applications along with the necessary tooling to support your Development Operations (or "DevOps").

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery fosters a collaborative working relationship between Development, Testing, and IT Operations also known as DevOps, resulting in the fast flow of planned work, while simultaneously increasing the production environment.

Choosing the right tools must only come after the “people” element. From our experience the main issue that needs to be addressed is the current culture. Development, testing, and operational management must be integrated. The organization must realize that this is not a technology problem but is a cultural one, since Continuous Delivery strives to get from concept to production and therefore touches every department in the organization. InfoSiftr understands Continuous Development. We understand the steps, people, and processes to make this an effective workflow.


InfoSiftr are leaders in the process of changing from large monolithic applications that cause performance issues running in production. InfoSiftr has proven strategies on changing those base functions to streamlined scalable microservices to mitigate complex applications into small, independent processes that communicate with each other in order to perform the same workload, but with greatly improved performance, and this will align the needed flexibility required in the continuous development model.

The goal of using microservices is to go back to the founding principles of Unix of building a solution on collection of small applications that just do one job and do it well. By using this concept, companies and organizations can have their teams focus more on building productive solutions then spending their time in figuring out how to integrate their code in a monolithic stack.

Cloud and Data Migration

InfoSiftr uses different strategies and best practices to migrate an organization's data and platforms to a public or private cloud and deliver those platforms in a scalable, resilient, and secure manner, while improving the bottom line with significant cost savings.

Orchestration and Management

There are many orchestration tools to address the management layers of containers and each can have a significant impact on your operations. Picking the best solution for your company is dependent on your development processes and needs to have expertise in which tool is the best fit for your organization not only for today, but also for future development goals. InfoSiftr recognizes the uniqueness of the most popular orchestration tools and how they can have an immediate impact on the your continuous delivery production model.

Solution Deployment

How to deliver your application stack will change as your business grows and matures. The Virtual Machine solution was implemented years ago, and may prove too expensive for the applications needed to run today. This environment may require additional tools to help manage those applications that can be costly to meet business objectives. This is not to say Virtual Machine should be completely replaced, but they have their place in a continuous delivery production model.

An effective understanding of the various platforms is key to growing your organization to meet the challenges of the future. InfoSiftr has the experience to help organizations planning the optimum customer experience, rather it be on mobile, web, IoT, or any other future user experience.

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