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Authorized Repository Management (ARM)

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The Authorized Repositories are a curated set of Docker repositories that are sanctioned for use by your organization. They are designed to provide essential base OS repositories that serve as the starting point for the majority of your users. This also provides a drop-in solution for popular programming language runtimes, data stores, and other services, similar to what a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) would offer, but in your own managed environment. InfoSiftr will develop and maintain dedicated images for the proprietary services of your organization’s application stacks. InfoSiftr will manage these Dockerfiles and use best practices and provide clear documentation to serve as a reference for other Dockerfile authors. InfoSiftr will ensure that security updates are applied in a timely manner. This is particularly important in order to keep your environment free of any known security threats and to have a trusted build to develop your applications on top of these repositories. Our solution will provide a channel to distribute up-to-date and authorized supported software versions throughout your organization. This will also allow the organization to have careful review and place restrictions on what can be published and used by the organization at large.

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InfoSiftr has a dedicated team that is responsible for reviewing and publishing all Authorized Repositories content. This team works in collaboration with upstream software maintainers, security experts, the broader open source community, and responsible teams within your organization.

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Creating and maintaining images for your Authorized Repositories can be done either as a closed or open process. Anyone in your organization can provide feedback, contribute code, suggest process changes, or even propose new Authorized Repositories.

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Maintaining images and their repositories can be a challenge for any organization and may not be the most effective use of developer time and efforts. By using InfoSiftr’s Authorized Repository Management solution, you can be assured that your repositories will be up to date with the latest patches and updates by leveraging our experience and expertise. In addition, since we have been doing this at scale we can deliver cost savings to your organization rather than wasting internal resources in providing this vital function.

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By using Authorized Repositories your users will have access to:

  • Clear documentation on the image to avoid common errors
  • Help promote best practices across your organization
  • Ensure these images are designed for the most common use cases to avoid repetitive work
  • Prevent having different software versions being used across your organization

This will aid users to be come more effective in using containers by allowing them to review the Authorized Repositories as part of their Dockerfile learning process.

Another major benefit for using InfoSiftr to build and manage your Repositories is to help optimize the image size and improve its performance. For instance, many of the programming language stack images contain a complete build tool chain to support installation of modules that depend on optimized code. Our advanced development team will build a custom image with just the necessary pre-compiled libraries to save space and increase performance with your container deployments.

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Additional service offering includes development of test suites and labs based on your organizations specifications to ensure that the repositories are up to your exacting demands. Our team will ensure that your continuous integration is configured appropriately to run the test suites against your updated images.

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