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We know that we cannot be all things to everyone and we don't strive to be. We specialize in a core set of services and focus on open standards. We employ certified professionals in these areas to implement your solutions.

Container Integration

With our leading experts in container technology, we can help organizations to develop applications faster, with greater feature velocity delivery than ever before, and while improving your ROI significantly.

Docker Training

InfoSiftr is an authorized solutions provider and training partner of Docker. We provide a variety of hands-on workshops and lectures designed to help organizations learn best practices for using containers.

Full Stack Development

InfoSiftr has a wide range of in-house expertise to assist you all the way through the full deployment cycle, from web design, mobile applications, IoT, software development, cloud solutions, and databases.

Docker Products and Services

InfoSiftr is a Platinum Member of Docker's Partner Program. We can provide basic help to a full end-to-end solution using Docker technology. Our team has been actively contributing to the open source Docker project from very early on.

Partner Products and Services


Docker, Inc. is the company behind the Docker open source platform. Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications.


Datera Elastic Data Fabric is an application-driven, fully-automated elastic block storage. It allows enterprises and service providers to deliver enterprise application performance at web-scale economics and operations.


Joyent delivers container-native infrastructure, offering organizations high-performance, yet simple public cloud and private cloud software solutions for today's demanding real-time web and mobile applications.

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