TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (4/7/17–4/14/17)
by Steven A April 15th, 2017

Acquisitions & New Offerings: Microsoft Buys Deis, Blue Ocean & Jenkins Enterprise Released MICROSOFT BUYS DEIS – Microsoft recently acquired Deis, a group known for open source projects like Helm (a package manager for Kubernetes), Steward (a Kubernetes-native service broker), and Workflow (a “self-service management solution for DevOps teams”). The purchase should bolster Microsoft’s “cloud […]

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TL;DR – Recent Container News (3/22/17–4/7/17)
by Steven A April 8th, 2017

New Releases, Product Updates: Google Cloud Platform, Windows 10 Privacy Enhanced, Azure Container Registry UPGRADES TO GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM – Google recently made several upgrades meant to “make it easier for enterprises to set up and efficiently run container workloads on the company’s cloud platform,” according to eWeek. Upgrades included: The general availability of a […]

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TL;DR – Recent Container News (3/10/17–3/31/17)
by Steven A April 3rd, 2017

Ideas & Analysis: Joyent/Shippable Chat, Docker EE and CE, Alpine Linux, Cloud Storage Objects, Docker at 4 JOYENT SHIPPABLE FIRESIDE CHAT — A 3/15/17 “fireside chat” posted by Joyent features Bryan Cantrill (Joyent CTO) speaking with Avi Cavale (CEO of Shippable – a company that provides a platform to “remove the complexity and challenges around […]

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CoreOS Donating rkt to CNCF
by Steven A March 22nd, 2017

CoreOS recently announced their intention to donate rkt – the CoreOS “core container runtime package” – to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This just hours after Docker Inc. announced their intention to donate containerd – their open source core container runtime package – to the CNCF. The New Stack called CoreOS’s move potentially “confusing,” […]

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TL;DR – Recent Container News (2/3/17–3/10/17)
by Steven A March 13th, 2017

The biggest container news of the past few weeks has been the announcements of Docker Enterprise Edition and the Docker Certification Program. We’ve given both stories their own blog posts (follow the links to read more). Apart from Docker announcements, we’ve seen news and analysis as a result of the AWS outage, plus new projects […]

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