TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (2/17/17–2/24/17)
by Steven A February 26th, 2017

New Tools, New Features, New Support: AWS OCI, Kubernetes on Azure, CoScale Monitoring AWS SUPPORTS OCI FORMAT – Amazon Web Services’ EC2 Container Registry is “adding support for the draft specifications for the OCI container format,” according to a recent article by The New Stack. This represents, “the biggest step yet toward the first genuine […]

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TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (2/10/17–2/17/17)
by Steven A February 20th, 2017

Analysis & Op-Ed: Edge Processing for IoT Edge Processing for IoT — Industrial IoT customers are looking to “edge processing” for their infrastructure, knowing they can’t “do everything in the cloud,” according to a recent article by The New Stack. Edge processing allows sensors and other IoT devices, “to send readings to a hardware gateway […]

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Docker Secrets Management Available
by Steven A February 13th, 2017

Docker Swarm (Docker Inc.’s orchestration platform) now incorporates secrets management, a security function that’s, “designed to ensure the integrity of highly distributed applications,” according to The New Stack. The secrets management function should allow for the injection of secrets (such as user credentials, database access keys, and configuration details,) “directly into a containerized application, without […]

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TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (1/27/17–2/3/17)
by Steven A February 5th, 2017

Tutorials & How-Tos: Docker on Triton Docker on Triton Tutorial — Joyent’s “Triton” allows containers to run on bare metal, bypassing the need for VMs. According to Joyent, benefits of this approach include easier application management, quicker scaling, and more optimal resource use. However, according to Joyent, the “prevalence of VM-based infrastructure” may cause users […]

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Hands-on Container Training Day at Container World
by Steven A January 29th, 2017

InfoSiftr, a Docker authorized solutions provider and training partner of Docker, is bringing a full-day of hands-on container training to Container World on 21 February 2017 ahead of the full 2-day conference on 22-23 February at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA. You can attend at a discounted rate with code INFOS […]

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