Triton Private Regions: Public Cloud Benefits w/o Public Cloud Cost
by Steven Puroll September 12th, 2017

Those seeking the benefits of public cloud — without the “spiraling costs” typical of public clouds — now have a third option, thanks to “Triton Private Regions,” from Joyent

Unveiled last week, Triton Private Regions create “dedicated, private regions… that are extensions of Joyent’s… Triton Public Cloud.” The private regions allow users to calibrate performance and security of their infrastructure, without the need to move to a difficult-to-maintain private cloud.

In other words, orgs get the innovation, good user experience, and simplicity familiar to users of public cloud, without surrendering complete control of the infrastructure to a public cloud provider.

There are major cost savings, too. According to Joyent’s press release, “Joyent Unveils Triton Private Regions,” a current customer has seen “cloud costs shrink by more than 50 percent” since leaving a major public cloud provider for Triton Private Regions.

Follow the link for the complete press release from Joyent.

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