DockerCon Videos and Slides Now Available Online
by Steven A June 29th, 2016

Docker just posted slides and video from DockerCon 2016’s general sessions (including announcements and live demos of Docker 1.12). The DockerCon videos are broken apart so you can easily locate and view demos/announcements relevant to you.

Here is a list of the available videos and slide decks:

  • Introduction by Ben Golub and Solomon Hykes
  • Docker for developers by Aanand Prasad
  • Guest speaker #1: Matt Aimonetti, CTO and Co-founder of Splice
  • Docker 1.12 introduction and live demo
  • Docker 1.12 at Zenly by Steeve Morin and Jean-Baptiste Dalido
  • Docker for AWS and Azure demo by Aanand Prasad and Madhu
  • Docker General Session Day 1 Slides
  • Docker in production for the Enterprise by Ben Golub
  • Docker Datacenter in production demo by Vivek Saraswat and Lily Guo
  • Guest speaker #1: Docker and Microsoft demo by Mark Russinovich, CTO Microsoft Azure
  • Guest speaker #2: Docker at ADP by Keith Fulton, CTO
  • Docker General Session Day 2 Slides

Follow the link below for access to all videos and slides, plus Docker’s summaries of the DockerCon 2016 announcements:


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